The best new sex toy for men: The A10 Piston Robotic Masturbator


In case you’re searching for the world’s most noteworthy make masturbation gadget look not more distant than the omnipotent FLESHLIGHT… .

As of now have the Fleshlight or searching for another sort of male degenerate or sex toy? You don’t have to look any further, as our companions in Japan have made a couple that will knock your socks off among different parts… .truly.

One of the most recent male sex degenerate toys that is accessible available today is the A10 Piston Robotic Masturbator which is utilized with the R-1 Base Unit.

It’s anything but difficult to envision how the A10 Piston Robotic Masturbator will fundamentally upgrade your Oculus Rift porn encounter, yet since numerous individuals might be new to this item and numerous others may not recognize what’s out there in the realm of Japanese male sex toys, we need to give you the subtle elements on this pearl, so you can choose for yourself.

Before giving you the points of interest on the A10 Piston Robotic Masturbator, comprehend that this item requires you have the R-1 Base Unit. The R-1 Base Unit is basically a controller that can control a wide range of extras or sex toys, from clitoral test systems, to vibrating g-spot wands, to automated deviants for men, including the A10 Piston that I’ll examine later. Utilizing the controller. you can control the numerous elements of every individual sex toy, whether it be speed, vibration, turn et cetera. It’s intended to be a controller for a large number of items and the items simply continue showing signs of improvement so the $45 USD you spend on the R-1 Base Unit is really humble as we would see it. You can get it here.

Here’s a visual of the R-1 Base Unit

R1-Base Unit

R1-Base Unit

Like the top of the line sex toy in America, The Fleshlight, The A10 Piston is a standout amongst the most mainstream and freshest top of the line male deviants in Japan and now that it can without much of a stretch be obtained and transported all through the world, it undoubtedly will turn into a moment MUST-HAVE male Masturbator around the world. Look at Kanojo Toys for the A10 Piston and other Japanese sex toys and items.

the A10 Piston is a mechanical pervert that makes a cylinder like here and there impact on your chicken. It concentrates on 8 unique varieties alongside various speeds and power. It actually yanks you, sucks you and toils your whole part like not very many (assuming any) past male automated sex deviants have possessed the capacity to do this effectively. The Japanese don’t mess around and this sex toy is well past anything I’ve found in the USA right now. All that is required is for you to connect to the A10 Piston into the R-1 base unit and let it take control like you’ve never experienced. There are various setting so in addition to the fact that this is automated and doing all the work, you can imitate the movement in the Oculus sex porn diversions for finish joy. There is an AC control connector that is incorporated you can include additional power. The A10 Piston costs $151 USD and can be bought and dispatched worldwide on Kanojo Toys. Look at there site to purchase the A10 Piston and to look at other Japanese sex toys available.

A10 Piston Robotic Masturbator

The A10 Piston is the as good as ever form of the littler Cyclone, which was a comparable yet littler mechanical sex toy that is likewise perfect with the R1-Base Unit in any case; the Cylone had significantly less capacities and power than the new A10 Piston. The A10 Piston has numerous more varieties of the forward and backward movement with additionally more speeds and power. Look at the video which demonstrates the examination. The video practically represents itself with no issue, however I can likewise vouch for the A10 Piston as I needed to request it a couple of months back to check whether it was justified regardless of the buildup and it certainly is! This toy is unquestionably going to be a decent expansion to the Oculus Rift porn encounter yet even all alone it’s truly fantastic.

The essential specs of the A10 Piston are as per the following:

11.2 crawls in length (28.5 cm), 1.5 lbs (695 grams) and is controlled by the R-1 Base Unit. (Note: you can include the AC Adapter for additional power)

Keep in mind: To stay away from any failure, recollect when you arrange the A10 Piston that you likewise require the $45 R-1 Base Unit. They have consolidated dispatching, in case you’re outside of Japan (counting the US, Canada and Europe), so stock up and exploit the rebates!